Shut up and do something!


Ok, so I keep obsessing about art, design, photography. Eject, repeat. You get the idea. It gets old wondering what it would feel like to just start doing something, anything creative on a regular basis. 

Here is my first attempt at collage. I was inspired while reading an article in Darling Magazine, where I came across a quote about getting away from calling women “girls.” I love saying “hey girl” to my girlfriends, but hate feeling like a little girl when the moniker is used in the wrong way: to insult, oppress, or belittle. 

With this in mind, I decided to make a collage centered around the quote “I was once a girl, and I loved being a girl. Now I love being a woman.” I hung this piece over my desk to remind me that even though I often have doubts, and feel vulnerable (like a girl), I am also a woman; with all that this implies—wisdom, strength, warmth, humor, intelligence, empathy, and the ability to pick myself up and keep going! 

I hope you are also inspired to go do something creative.