Busting out!

I had the worst work week ever. I have a "sensible career", but am finding myself daydreaming about other options...Having always wanted to do something creative, images of making a documentary about my father keep entering my mind. I find myself researching camera equipment on Amazon each night after the kids go to bed. $750 for the basics, and then up from there. I could do this. Could I do this? 

At the same time, I am reading creative women's blogs obsessively and trying to find a kernel of direction for how to get started. One woman wrote that she doesn't like the pressure of being asked "what do you do?" Rather, she prefers to talk about what she is into right now. I love that idea. Why put so much pressure on the rest of your life? 

Two small children, well into a career path, living in a multi-generational home, and yet wanting to start down a new path...