So, it's been a year!

Yes, it's been a long time. Between two little one's, work, and the chaos of life, its taken me a while to get back to this.

Recently, I thought it would be a good idea to get some new furniture to replace our old crusty, dark brown, deflated couch and chair. Trying to stay within budget, I found a great down couch and chair at a "gently used" home store. Not wanting to have a million pieces of furniture in the livingroom, I asked my husband to put out the old dark furniture and replace it with the new stuff. Within minutes, some skaters came by, picked up the free couch, and skated off with it. I thought, great now everything is neat and organized and I don't have to worry about getting rid of the old furniture.

My dad wheeled into the livingroom and immediately started to drip and sneeze. It never occurred to me that the former owners of the furniture may have had cats and dogs, both of which we are allergic to. 

Shit! What am I going to do?  Shit! I went online to order new covers from the original store. The customer service rep informed me that the covers had been discontinued. Fuck! I can't believe I got rid of the old furniture and now I have to get rid of this furniture too. What the hell are we going to sit on in the living room? I walked in the other room with my head down. "What's wrong?", my dad said. I told him what happened, and he just looked at me and said "that's why I would've kept the old furniture."

Really dad? You would have?  Thank you for sharing that brilliance! 

In the end, we ended up getting some furniture from Macy's, but sat on the floor of our living room for two months waiting for it. Next time I'll skip being thrifty in favor of having a comfortable seat under my bum!